Executive Board

Vincent T. , President

Bryant T. , Vice-President

Gerardo C. , Secretary

Johnny T. , Treasurer

Steven P. , Distinguished Council Representative

Robert V. , Distinguished Council Representative

Chair Positions

Chris L./ Nabil A. , Academic

Bryant T. , Athletic

Kevin K. , Historian, MGC

Ken L./ Chris Y. , Brotherhood

Brian L./ Tran G. , Philanthropy

Carl J. , Public Relations, Alumni

Ken L. / Chris Y./ Thong M. , Rush

John K./ Armand P. , Zeta Sis

Steven P./ Thong M. , Formals

Andrew N./ Tran G. , Fundraiser

Antony L./ Armand P./ Thong M. , Social

Gerardo C. , Webmaster


If you want to contact any of these gentleman please go to the contact page of the site.

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